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Peterbilt Model 359

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It's on there for now. I'm trying to sit it on the ground. I've seen a lot of people body drop trucks and cars, 1:1 scale and on models.

But I've never seen a bagged big truck. So I figured id try it out. Going to draw it out on paper tomorrow and maybe c notch the frame.

The front suspension is a whole nother story. Don't know what I am going to do for it

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Well most highway trucks has air ride rear suspensions and this kit has the Peterbilt airleaf suspension so it allready has air bags, if you want it lower you have to modify it slightly.
In front they usually put in an axle with more drop and lower leafs, but there are also air ride suspension available for front axles.

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Check online for sign companies or plastics companies that cater to sign companies.....There's a place across town that I buy styrene from in 4'x8' sheets for, like, $20 each....I would imagine whatever big city is close to you ought to have one....

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Those signs are great sources for sheet plastic. Hobby shops (RC cars, trains and RC planes) usually sell the expensive stuff that is top notch. But try thinking outside the box too. If you have a flea market, garage sale, or a something like that, poke around. Look for the shapes. Cheap/broken toys, the guts in older desktop computers/electronics, shelf "knick knacks", womens cosmetics and christmas decorations are a great way to pick up stuff dirt cheap. The key is to look for the shape/size you want buried in the item and then just take your time to hack it out. This works out good for getting a good bargain on many little tools too. Yeah, it may not be as perfect as a show winner, but as long as you enjoyed building it, that is what matters most.. :D

Good luck. Keep us posted!

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Santa is bringing you an airbrush huh? Cool. I will just get bills and a lump of coal. About what I deserve though. :rolleyes:

It is a learned art for sure. Be patient with it. So many quit and get frustrated trying to make some complex masterpiece their first time..

Going back to the garage sale signs, that is a great (and cheap) way to practice. And just use cheap paints to practice with. It is all about learning the technique.

There are lots of great tips online including many youtubes specifically for model builders. Just little things like using fine mesh netting as an overlay while spraying to create patterns.

Go nuts man! It is far more fun. :blink:

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