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'93 Civic coupe

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This is the Revell 1993 Civic coupe. I was very disappointed it couldn't be build 'Stock' as I had a 1995 Si coupe. I replaced the front/rear sub-frames from a '99 civic, as the kit had straight axles. Under hood cut out the 'Shelf' on the firewall and added wires/lines. The heat stain is sharpie marker over the chrome (same on the army green civic I did too).

Paint is Duplicolor Rattle can, and the exhaust is Aluminium welding rod (3/32") fused into a 'T', and I machined the Stainless Mufflers/small cherry bomb. I took 1st a few years back with it at a locol show, and at a different show took 3rd (Nice healthy competition) It's in a different magazine Contest cars 2013 (pg 28...)








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Thanks for the comments so far. Whats odd is I am happy the way this one turned out, but I wouldn't drive a 1:1 civic that looked like that, lol. I'd like to find another one and try my hand at turning the body 'Stock'. The front bumper would be the biggest challenge.

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