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2014 Cannonball Run CBP

Nick Winter

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You can enter anytime you like, the end is Dec 1st. So if you've got a vehicle(s) that meets the build requirements (listed on page one) then by all means jump onboard. I know I speak for everyone here when I say you are more than welcome.

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A bit more progress with my '69 Charger Daytona. I got the body sanded once again and it's starting to look pretty smooth. I also added some styrene to cover two minimal gaps between the Hood Scoop and the Hood so I could put some putty there as well. I'll sand it smooth once it's dry and we'll see if it could be even primer or spray filler time... I also primered and painted the engine. The picture was taken tomorrow and today I sprayed a clear coat on those parts. Hopefully I can start assembling those parts soon...




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My Cutlass will be on hold for awhile, have to find a house and get moved this summer.

I'll still be here, just no time to build right now.

I know the feeling, it's still on my bench but my 1:1 project is getting a new home and for the summer my time will be split.

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The Monogram Roadrunner is a nice kit, other than the rear suspension & exhaust being one piece :(

My eyes have been bothering me and I've had migranes. Haven't gotten anything done in a few weeks. I took pictures, though. Need to upload them... :mellow:

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