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2014 Cannonball Run CBP

Nick Winter

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Post up a pic of the unstarted kit or whatever pile 'o parts your starting from and then get busy.

Count me in also. I'll be building this....


I meant the actual model parts. Not the box top. :P We just have to verify it's an unstarted model.

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Ok, as promised, I've actually been doing something.

Finished the rollcage and all the interior clutter. The dash is glued to the body, So I built half the cage in the car, and mounted the halo bar and a-pillar tubes to the roof. When combined it looks like a complete cage.



I know, it's blurry. I took two pics and they were both blurry...


With both halves together, I should pick up the pace on this build.

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Pat, that Nomad is the dogs. I'm hoping you finish it early and then forget to enter it when December rolls round... :P

Thanks Fred, I'm hoping to get it done before May 3rd , and you may get your wish. I'm not sure if I will enter this one. It might not make a coast to coast trip.

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I bought a 57 Nomad body for another project last week at NNL East. Unfortunately the tailgate and glass weren't for the body in the bag, the body is 1/24 and the glass and gate are 1/25. As I've always liked the original concept for the Nomad using the 1st gen Vette, I thought I'd do a little cutting and fitting. My proportions are far from the real one, the real one has shorter fenders and longer quarter panels which makes it look more like a regular wagon than a sports car. I left the body alone and made my roof really short, I like my version better.

First up after cutting the roof off, narrow it and shorten it. Then I attached it to the Vette's windshield frame.


Here's a rough idea of what I've got so far



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Nice work so far folks, I'll have to remember to update the list this week.

as for my Fire Am, it's about the same as it was, life, travel and 1:1 cars have had me excessively busy lately. But like all things, It will level off and I'll be back at it.


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alright guys here is my starting point a 1969 chevelle resto rod, twin turbos, nudge bar. driving lights, roof racks and spare tires are planned with minor to major interior mods like roll cage, bucket seats and cup holders. also I plan to add a larger petrol tank but I don't know where I will put that.


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