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What do YOU think is the best kit of the year ?

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Yea the SEMA car was pretty sharp. Here's a pic for those wondering.


For what its worth, there is a resin kit ready for that one, that is the Rocket Bunny V2


And here is the resin kit, I am debating if I want to drop th cash for it, or wait and see if Aoshima is going to do it , maybe I might try and see if I can find out , with the success they had with their Rocket Bunny kits,( the first run sold out ) tells me they just might do it, as I am sure they have paid for the 86/BRZ tooling by now, but just a guess


I'm not against import cars, I've owned several, and own one now. I am saying this kit would have got more respect as a Toyota with TRA speed parts. (as it now has been explained) To me rocket bunny congers up images of a bad Robot Chicken skit.

Silly name to the side, Rocket Bunny stuff is very hot right now

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[it] needs a Hello Kitty decal on the door. The Japanese sure look at things differently.

How about that pretty girl , Super Stationmaster Tama , whose name ("Tama") is based on the original Maneki Neko ("Beckoning Cat") . The "Hello Kitty" is based upon the Maneki Neko ; a Japanese Bobtail with Calico markings :) .




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For example I'm getting a good notion a few people are "Gotta have my 'Murican V8, because I'm a patriot and I love my country. Anything else is a threat to my way of life" I personally like a lot of cars from different countries and hate a lot of cars from different countries, brand names don't sway me that much either. Just because it's a Honda/Ford/Chevy/Chyrysler/Toyota/Nissan/ect. doesn't mean that I dismiss the car without a first glance,

I agree. My own interests and model building subjects are a bit outside the norm for a lot of the modeling community. I get a lack of comments on some boards, while a photo of an unpainted / unmodified muscle car body sitting on top of Pegasis wheels will get a flurry of positive comments. If it ain't a muscle car or drag car, a lot of the great unwashed just aren't interested.

But if I find myself on the millionaire show next week and the answer is "Rocket Bunny" I am golden!

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I like the Revell Mustang LX regardless of the roof height issue. Heck I've built two already and have plans for three more. I have Danno scaring up some of the Master Caster's bodies so we will see just how they look side by side.


He is probably going to sell you my copy :lol:

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Unfortunately the hot pink car in the picture isn't the car the model was made of, nor even the same manufacturer as the picture is a Nissan, not a Toyota. It's just the one that Greg found (and I suspect the worst one in his eyes he could find at that) to "illustrate" how silly he and others find the name of a set of tuner parts. But then that just makes Jonathan and other's point - I hate the car and I don't even know what it is...

Looks like you can get the "kit" for just about anything: http://www.greddy.com/products/aerodynamics/rocketbunny/ :o

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I'm with the '57 Ford kit.

Built two, and plan on building more for sure!!!


The best part of the kit is that it has no fit issues.

The kit almost builds itself as nice as it goes together.

The chrome parts are very nice, with the grille even being open.

Also nice is the three part headlight assembly.

The decals are very good.

The tires have a nice looking thread.

The cons:

The front panel, the one between the hood and the grille is a little too wide

There is no road draft tube on the engine, but there is a molded pan where it would be mounted. I guess the car used for tooling had being modified.

The worse part is that it has no 3D detail of the "fabric" on the seatas. Revell provides a great decal to represent the fabric, but I'm used to see something engraved on the plastic

The tires are generic, and have no manufacturer name.

The carburetor is wrong for the Thunderbird Special 312 (should be a Autolite 4100 or Holley 4150 and not a Holley teapot)

The intake manifold for just one carburetor don't have the retaining nuts and shells that it should, and that are present on the two four barrel intake manifold in the same kit.

I'm not even North American, but for me, the ideal car, the car I want to drive just for the pleasure of doing so, has to have a V8 engine, a four barrel carburetor, an actual frame, bias ply tires, dual exhaust with glasspacks, and be rear wheel drive.

That's my taste in cars.

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Realistically, I doubt any of us bought or built ALL of the new kits, so it's just a popularity thing anyway. We all buy mostly on subject matter that interest us and the model companys usually do something to interest everybody. I'd say it was a good year no matter what you liked, but from what I've read about accuracy, fit, detail and quality, and appeal to a wide group of builders it would seem to me that the Revell 57 Ford hit the nail on the head, and that's a kit that I didn't buy. The 70 Cuda that I've been waiting for fell short on a few things but it's so much better then what we had I'm happy with it.

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Yup, and if I had commented on Revell's top kit of 2012, I'da probably gone with that '57 Ford.

Just a couple notes, and these are really more my personal criteria than anything I think should be imposed on this discussion:

The '57 Ford was announced for 2012 and the special edition version made it out with about a month to spare; the '50 Olds came out a month before that. The Rat Roaster was a 2012 listing that actually debuted in 2013.

The '49 Merc Wagon makes a very strong bid for a top new kit - I'd say it's more accurate overall than the 'Cuda - but because it carries over a few parts from the custom (fewer than one might expect), it's technically not all-new. Same goes for Aoshima's 86/BR-Z derivatives, though I think the ones with engines give Tamiya's a right spanking.

The Slingster's concept may be an old one, but it's still Revell-Monogram's most ambitious and best-executed of the year. Looking at the global offerings, I'd have to agree about Tamiya's LaFerrari among standard-scale cars - though their best motor vehicle kit of the year is their 1/6 Harley. That thing is just silly...

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