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1988 Audi 90 20V Quattro

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I just finished up this build today. I gotta admit I'm a huge Audi fan and when I got back into the hobby I searched around what kind of Audi kits were out there. Really not too many options honestly. This is a Fujimi kit from 1988 and I got it on ebay along with the BBS wheels from Japan. I updated the look of the car rather than doing a totally stock looking car. The stock wheels are ugly IMO and you could get BBS looking mesh wheels back in the day.

A little back story on why I built the car the way I did was my father worked for an Audi dealer many years ago. When Audi 90's were new, early 90's And I still remember him bringing home a Pearl White on Black Leather Audi 90 as a demo. Hence the Pearl White/Black interior combo of my model.

I added the Fujimi 18" scale BBS wheels and painted the centers white. They come with big Brembo brakes, I painted the calipers are dark blue gunmetal color. I tinted all the lights with a black wash. Pearl White paint, black leather looking interior. Hand painted window moldings, grilles, detailed the simple chassis best I could etc. The kit is just a curbside so no drivetrain.

I like how the car turned out :) Pics aren't the best I know.











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