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great item for wiring

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Hello all wanted to share this, I have found a good item for getting muti color wiring for plugs. Electrical, and even boots, are from charging devices, "broken of course" the older cell phone cig plug type have the bigger sz for plug boots an hose lines, now the NANO MUSIC devise and the newer USB plug has smaller wire for plug wire, great color choice too. Has black, red, white and my fav yellow! "yellow jacket racing" lol, now for xtra small like gages, tac's RC wiring from inside broken controllers or the servo.stuff is super. Sorry for the long wind but had too share, I bought like 6 cig adapter plugs for.cell phones and have a ton of wiring now, hope this helps someone, try thrift stores, or good wills,

Good hunting and building.


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While not as cheap, but a bit more "rigid" as I am doing fuel injector lines/rails... Jewelry making wire. It is solid core and has a rubber type coating. Lot of colors and holds it shape. Have found up to 26 gauge. Hobby Lobby has a "multi pack" of 3 rolls for a couple of bucks.

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post-9749-0-40948600-1391550790_thumb.jp WIRING: I buy for $2.00 a 400 feet of extension phone line. It come with 4 wire inside. Red,Black, Yellow and Green. 400 feet X 4 Color is 1,600 FEET in all. Compare that to those Model store that charge 5' for 4.00 + S&H.

post-9749-0-18415000-1391550766_thumb.jpBOOT: and HINGE. Item I use for both. I buy large Coated Paper Clips that I buy for $1.00 and get 30 pcs all color. For the boot I stretch the clip into 1 long strip, than slice in the center and pull the coating out from each side. It come out very easy and HOLLOW. I cut boot size pcs and the phone wire fit perfect inside.. I tried to paint the clip (FLAT BLACK) with Enamel can and it it felt like they never dried up, soI threw the Alway. I had better luck painting them with a simple brush. It dried up in a couple of days also You can just used the color they came in. Walla!! I "$SAVE MONEY$"

HINGE I also used the Paper Clip stretch them straight and insert them in Stir Straw,to make Hinge. I get the stir straw from Bars.The Clip bend better than Tubbing and since it plastic Rubber it stick better.vYou can used regular model glue instead of CA. I have enough to make mistake.. Walla!! I "$SAVE MONEY$".


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