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Another 32 Ford Coupe

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Pulled this one off the shelf a few days ago.Mocked it up,looking for ideas.Seldom do I build to resemble the box art,but I like how it looks in this case.Going for a late fifties kinda drag look.Nothing too difficult.Will use the AMT Round 2 wide white pie crust slicks on the rear,wide whites on the front and the kit wheels all around although they should be skinnier on the front.I'll see what else I can find.Paint color will be red,maybe candy apple.Spark plug wires and a few minor details should do it.

I would like to try my hand at better detailing but I need more skill and patience.All in due time I guess.I will post more pics as this one progresses.

I'm already looking at one of three more 32's in my stash.Anyhow,thanks for looking,any comments are welcome.

P.S.The stash is nearing 200.I buy more than I build(bad habit).





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I would like to find that kit myself! Although I'd be very tempted to chop the roof on it!

Agreed, however nothing to radical. Just enough to give it the streamline look. Oh and it would have to receive a flathead v8, those look to cool in the deuces.I like how it has the straight axle on the front instead of independent suspension. And did you say 200, wow im green with envy, should be an awesome build Edited by ratchetman87
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Hey Glen, awesome job on your '32! very nice on the period correct look.The color suits it well. Hope mine turns out that nice.

Now I can't decide on an engine choice.Flathead?kit supplied sb chev? I have a R-M parts paks 283 also. ???

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