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I really like the box art on these Monogram's...I would buy them just for that alone. I was born in '84 and a drag racer so this is a no brainer for me. I think it would be really cool with a snazzy paintjob to look like a nice weekend bracket racer. I would probably update the hood scoop and lose the passenger seat for a more modern look. As for color......bright and wild always work's on racecar's, normally I am subtle ,but racecar's give you a chance to be a bit more crazy and look the part. Good luck

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I built two of these years back one as a Georgia Highway Patrol Race Car and one in my Sheriff's Office decals.

They are still in boxes since our move to TN 7 years ago :)

I always liked those pro-stock kits.

Please keep up the pics, looking great so far !

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Well I got some work done on her the other night. found lots of flash after painting the front assembly cage. had to take care fo that.

will show more pics after i touch up the paint.

come on warmer weather so I can spray some primer. dont like models molded in red.

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