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Nice job Andre! I can't pull off paint jobs like that for sure. I still shoot from cans and my tape jobs don't cut it. Here's a few build pics of my version; hope you like!






My kit was really old and the decals were kinda shot, so I had some custom ones made up like it was Billy Glidden's p/s ride. I should have waited and taken all the pics when I had gathered some SLIXX decals to match the era of the original Iaconia p/s, but the last shot shows the car on my shelf alongside my version of the Kalitta re-issue flopper I called "Nitro-Mare". I have some build pictures of that on Fotki too. I hope these links work out as I've not had much luck posting pictures.

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Thanks Scalper - these kits and the '55 Chevy top sportsman from Revell are extremely flexible as far as fitting other bodies, or even building your own cage out of styrene plastic so your cage fits the height of a different body. Here's a URL link to instructions for doing just that: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=72815

Great Build!


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I don't remember having any big issues with that kit. I think I remember having to move parts to get it to sit all the way down.



Mike: Awesome rendition of that build! I really like the way you painted the wheels in contrast to the body. I too had some issues with the final steps including getting the body over the chassis/cage. I left the passenger seat out and used the space for electronics and for a more authentic race car look. As I've learned the steps of building a cage, I've discovered I really like doing it myself. I plan to construct my own from now on pro street/pro mods.

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Hey Guys just a quick updated. all my models are packed. I want to build so bad but cant. I get the keys to my new house 2 days and will be moving on November 29th . I cant wait to set up my new model room and get started. I really miss building.

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WOW Chris! That is smokin'. My kit was the Iaconia kit turned Billy Glidden pro sportsman/stock. I never did get good pics unfortunately, but you can check out my Fotki and there are some from a digital camera. Newbie stuff pretty much, but I have the Bob Glidden kit in the closet with the family and all the trophies on the front and it's my "holy grail" of builds to come.

Mike's build definitely has a great stance and detailing.

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