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68' Vette/Revell Drag/Trans-Am "Mean Green"


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Hi all,,heres my version of the 1/25th Revell 68' vette,,,,I did it as a combo car,,drag/Tran-am style,,sortof like you could use the car for either style. I did a few mods to it,,different windshield,rims + tires,scratch built roll bar,put wing on the trunk deck. Side pipe headers are from the spare parts bx. Put different headrests on seats. Other than that its the stock kit. Just a different spin on the Vette,,thanks for looking,,andIMG_2836_zpsa5a3851c.jpgIMG_2857_zpsd2c55780.jpg happy building!IMG_2856_zps1b9f3029.jpgIMG_2849_zpsa8333568.jpgIMG_2851_zpsfd52e126.jpg

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looks great, pictures are a bit busy to see all the detail

Yea,,I thought about that,,you got a point there. Im just experimenting w/background images w/the pics,,Im trying to do a dragstrip diorama so it all looks a little bit more easy to the eye, There are more pics on my PB page that arent quite so busy,,but thanks for the input.

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Hey thanks all for kind words,,,as far as racing it transam,,maybe I was thinking in the nostalgia class,{ IE: some of the early open cockpit cars with bug deflectors as windsheilds} ,not so much current style,,and yea,,to road race it ,,you would need to remove blower setup,,install reg intake+ carb. And Put matching style tires on it,,not the drag slicks that are on it now. And the AA/C decal,,I put that on there because I didnt have any SCCA or decals related,,I put leftover decals from the x-tra bx on it,,in fact Im not really sure what class AA/C is? Double A fuel competition? Not sure,,but its all I had to work with on a limited budget. Overall,,its kindof an experimental crossover car,,thanks again for the kind words.

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