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68' Vette/Revell Drag/Trans-Am "Mean Green"


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Looks great bet it could race in the cannonball run though ...cause anything goes there

OOOHHH YEAAA!! Im with ya on that one,,or better yet,,how bout ,,"The tail of the dragon" That stretch of road down in tenn/virgina HGY 127 I believe ,,its called Deals Gap,, over 311 hairpin turns in only 11 miles or so,,whew! Google that one and look about the "unregistered Races" they have there,,scary place,,but man all those hairpins!

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Looks cool! Nice take, and the band aid deal is a good tip too.


Thanks Dave42,,I actually saw the band aid tip on this board about a year ago,,gave it a try,,and wow worked great. These model sites are a great source to improve ones skills,,Thanks for visiting! :D

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That's one Corvette i wouldn't want to see in the bottom of a sink hole! Great detailing work!

LOL,,yea I hear ya,,Thanks for the kind review,,hey,,I see your in Tenn,,have you ever done "The tail of the dragon"? I want to take my kawasaki 650{real one} down there and give it a run,,sounds like alot of fun.

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No not yet. I almost did it several years ago with the local Mustang club but work got in the way.

Wow,,that would have been fun,,I gotta do it someday,,I heard about it a few yrs ago,,and its always been in the back of my mind ever since. Ill have to wait a month or so,,till all the snow+ice melts thats for sure.

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Make sure you stop and get your picture at the crash tree!.

LMAO!! Yea,,Ive seen that on the web,,all the bike+ car parts nailed to the tree. All kidding aside,,alot of folks have ceased to be on that road,,its really dangerous,,but thats what makes it fun,,gotta have some excitement once in a while,,right? LOL,,,

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