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1957 Ford Custom Tudor (yes, another one)

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A little update

Yesterday I prepared all the parts I wanted to paint semi gloss black, and glued them all to the painting stand.

Today I got the Tamiya TS-29 paint I wanted to use and painted all the parts at once.

The engine was painted silver yesterday, as it's the perfect base for red.

My next step now is to paint the rest of the floor pan red oxide primer, and do the Coral Sand overspray.

Probably I will prepare the interior parts to be painted the base gray color at the same time, so I only will have deal with the airbrush and compressor one time this evening.

The frame was assembled as far as possible before being painted. This saves a lot of touch ups later, and makes all more "factory built" like.
The wheel backs were also painted semi gloss black. At the factory, at first all wheels were black, and only the outer faces were painted to match the body color, and even this was optional on the very basic Custom Tudor.
The floor pan will be painted red oxide primer. The front inner fenders will be masked to remain painted black. The front splash pan will be painted argent.
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Another update:

I painted the two tones of gray on the interior sides and front seat.

Also painted the dash:
Still have to paint the flat black parts, put the decals, and to paint all the details.
Also painted the engine:
And the floor pan is painted red oxide primer, that is really Revell Reddish Brown (matt 37) enamel paint. Still missing on this part are the Argent on the splash pan, the Coral sand overspray, and the flat black on the rubber floor mat.
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Got the painting finished on the floor pan:

Painted the gas tank and the gear carrier of the rear end:
On the interior parts, I finished dealing with the decals:
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Thanks for the comments guys!!

I finished painting parts, and started the assembly process.

Built the engine, and glued it to the frame. Then glued the exhaust, and glued the frame to the floor pan. After that I built the interior.

When I got to this pint, I moved to the body, and foiled it, then super glued the glass:
And that's where I'm right now.
It's taking a while, usually I would have the car completed by now, but I'm not having much time to work on the '57, at least not the amount of time I would like to.
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That is a very nice, very clean build. The finish looks perfect in these pictures and probably looks the same in person. But, did you really use super glue to secure the glass in place?


Yes, I use super glue on the glass. I first wax and polish the glass with automotive wax, like Meguiar's then put it in place and using a toothpick I apply a little drop of superglue to the corners of the glass, and let capillarity to take action. The secret is to use very little super glue. Never had any problems with fogging.

Headlight lenses and other parts I glue with white glue.

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Very nice.

What did you use for the lighter gray on the seats? I've been trying to find something that looked right, and haven't had much luck. Your shade is very close to what's needed.

Charlie Larkin

I mixed Testors flat black and flat white enamels until I got to a tone close enough to the reference pictures I have of the real car. After I decaled the seats I clear coated with semi gloss clear.

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