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FnF Supra FULL DETAIL build ALL DONE! In Under Glass


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Found this Fast and the Furious Supra at a local swapmeet/show for $10 unbuilt. Always wanted the car so I bought it. Not to mention, I am building it for the FnF Community build thread.

We all know the shortcomings of the AMT kits and this was no exception! The body was full of pitmarks and you-name-its. I wasn't too worried though, because I had prepared myself for the worst. First order of business was to (of course) open up the hood vents.


Next, took to the the horrible pits all over the body (which was so thick anyway) alot of them were just easily sanded out


With that behind me, I was able to get on with the show and do some fun stuff finally.......! The engine, which was mostly ok (and I do only mean mostly) got the first attention last night. The problem with it is the turbo setup made no sense at all....! So I redid it based on the actual pictures of the real car. The turbo was made from solder and the couplers are heatshrink tubing with BMF clamps.



Seats are next! (No they aren't like this out of the box!......)



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Awesome start. Keep up the good work

Hey thanks Rob! B) Got the taillights done tonight......the Future is drying right now

Nice start, I've picked up 3 of these ($10 was the most expensive, lol). Looks like an ok kit to start with, not the best, but not the worst either!

Thanks Mike! With the right amount of prep I am going to show that this will look like a Fujimi when I am done. ^_^

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Great job so far looks awesome.

Thanks Bob!

Be careful of the front suspension on this kit. I found the upper A-arms aren't very stiff and the spindles pop loose. Depends on if you decide to keep the working steering. Nice work! :)

Thank you Brian for the Heads up! B)

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