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Pro Stock BOSS- BOSS 429 With Bob Glidden Guts

Quick GMC

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I built a BOSS 429 a while back, when I was still learning the ropes. It took me two kits to make one model. I ruined the engine in the first one. So here I am with a brand new kit without an engine. I have given up trying to find the engine for this kit for less than an entire kit cost and I don't want it to go to waste. I also have a Bob Glidden Thunderbird I bought from Ebay a while back, and the box showed up with scratched glass, dirt and bugs in it. The decals are worthless. I decided to try and hack up both to make one awesome car. I have never done anything like this. Both kits were just going to sit on the shelf forever, so I figured why not.

The Glidden chassis is too long in the back, but the wheelbase is exactly the same. I can just shorten the chassis.

I cut out the fender wells and stuff from the front on both cars


The T-Bird piece fits right under the Mustang. I may have to cut it and align it with the fenders, but I haven't gotten that far yet


This is a Boss I built for a 32 Ford I am working on, I will be using the Glidden engine for this build



I'm not sure if I will try to use the BOSS interior or not. i haven't even thought about it. I will probably do an all out race car.

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Looks great so far. If I remember correctly the Bob Glidden kit does not have a supercharger - did you source that from another kit?

This is the BOSS 429 kit motor with a blower from the 64 GTO. I built it separately for another project and just stuck it in there for reference.

Good start. I have to ask why on earth the plug wires on that boss are coming from behind the blower though???

I only had a partial engine left over for my BOSS 429. I didn't want to waste it so I just built it whatever I could. I wasn't really worried about accuracy. The blower is from the 64 Gto kit. I just did what I could. It's wrong, but I think it turned out nice. I know you're probably having a seizure looking at that right now :lol:

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Not 100% sure here.

But I believe the Glidden 1970 Mustang shown was campaigned mid to late 70's time frame and it did have a tube chassis.

So where this build is headed could be accurate for that particular car

Yes the Glidden & Allen 70 Mustang was a tube chassis car and was used in 1975 as was the Dyno Don car, but it had a 366 Cleveland engine...no Boss 429 based 500 as the max 500 cid 2,350 lbs minimum veight rule didn't come until 1982...and that's what we still have today.

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A little more progress. I have never done anything like this before, so it iwll be slow going.

I cut down the fron radiator support to line up with the back of the grill, so there wouldnt be a gap when the hood is off.



I cut the cowl off and I will extend the hood, otherwise the Glidden internals wouldn't fit





Some things that need trimming to fit properly



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