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Classic kenworth w900A.

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Hey guys so I haven't been building much lately with work and the new house and what not its been crazy.. But for my birthday I got a kw w900a 1/16 kit. So I started building a little bit here and there at night. And I felt guilty for not posting progress. Here is where I am with her now. No stretch or anything to fancy just a nice paint job and a classic look.





I'll update it again when I have more... I'm working on it. Let me know what ya think.


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Thanks guys, last night was actually a productive night, I have the cab and sleeper on and the hood is mocked up for picture but everything line up and fiterfect, so I must have done something right! Haha. Here's a few pics of last nights progress.



The paint is a lighter metallic green and a dark metallic blue... I felt a dark green wouldn't have set the truck off as well. Anywho thanks for checking in.

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Ok so I rushed into dropping color on th air cleaners without properly washing them and I don't know what got on the one whether it was my grubby mitts or something with the paint but one of them the paint crinkled and dried up defective. Not cool. So both went to the dip tank and we will retry again. I'm not sure what to do with the quarter fenders though. I would like them to be chrome but I don't have the time or patience for alclad yet.. Just not ready for that. Anyone have ideas how to get a chrome or even fair stainless appearance to them? Everything is coming out perfect with this kit and I want to finish strong with it too.

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I am really liking the color combination you came up with. Looks sharp as a tack! Alan is right, Bare Metal Foil is your best bet after, al-clad. If you do not have any BMF, use Reymold's wrap cooking foil. You can shape it easier, without tearing, because it is thicker than BMF. You have unlimited size availability and it is cheap. I use rounded toothpicks to shape it around small details then carefully separate it from the part and coat the backside with clear enamel for the adheasive, let it tack up for a few minutes, the burnish it down like you would with BMF. These tanks and quarter fenders are done just that way. Good luck.


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Looking good! Another option to replace alclad that is much cheaper and easier is Rust-oleum chrome spray plaint. You can get surprisingly good results if you use it correctly. There is also one called Spaz-stix chrome, but it is much more expensive than the Rust-oleum.

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