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I just bought a 1995? Chevrolet Blazer kit from Lindberg.

The goal is to make it look like it just arrived from the factory.

What i wonder about is colors of undercarriage and engine.

Any photos of the engine and undercarriage in "factory" colors would be highly appreciated.

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Timing is everything. My next door neighbor had 4 of them last week. He sold 3 and kept 1. Then yesterday, he left to move to another state.

But having worked on 2 of them for him, and having had a company S-10 pickup in the 90s, I can provide some info.

- The frame itself, a-arms, rear axle, oil pan, etc is painted standard GM 30% reduced gloss black (semi-gloss).

- The bottom of the body shell is medium gray primer with body paint overspray at the edges fading to bare primer in the center tunnel. Unless of course, the body has an under-coating. 2 of the neighbor's did, and 2 did not. And this is in the Southern California Desert.

- Gas tank is bright galvanized, straps frame black.

- Exhaust tubing is galvanized with visible seam dark along the tube. Muffler and catalytic converter also appear galvanized.

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Thank you for your interesting information about the colors and materials on the different parts, MCM Regular, helped me a lot.

Since last time I also bought a 1995 brochure whit a nice cutaway view in it that also helps.

Now I have a question about the side mirrors, I've done some image searches.

On some photos the side mirrors and outside door handles appear to be gloss black and on some matte black, which is correct?

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