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1990 AMT C1500 "Sportside" Chevy PU

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Howdy all,,takin' a break from cars on this one. Got this @ a swap meet,,its a 1990 AMT "Sportside" Chevy PU. I was going to just do total bx stock,,no wires,,plumbing ect,,but as it came along that changed,lol. I used flat white primer,,w/testors Lime gold over it,,1 coat,,thats it. The high rise mtr setup is kit supplied! Nice to you,,AMT! Rims are the kit supplied also,,but not the tires. I like a bit more aggressive tires on this one. It should make a nice tow trk for the traliers w/cars on them. Thanks for looking,,Cheers!



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Nice color, motor looks ready to go. Looks real nice so far...

Thanks Slusher,,I still have the feul runs ,,carb linkage,hoses,,and all the custom stuff to put on it yet,,this kit came with alot of x-tra air dams,and a small wing for the top of cab,,roll bar+lights on them, side mirrors,,tool bx type cover for back bed,,pretty cool kit,,I wasnt sure about it at first,,its turning out to be a decent little kit. hope this finds you well,,,S

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have a '90 1:1 stepper, but it's 4by

that looks much faster!

that is a nice color, ever think of color matching the valve covers?

Thanks DDwg,that 4by you got sounds cool also,,and yes I did think about matching colors on valve cvrs,,but I went with flat blk/highlighted chrome fins on top of covers,,kindof cool I guess. Do you have pics of your 4by on here? if so ,,id like to see em'. Thanks for visiting :)

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