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57 Chrysler 300 (488.1 cu in) Done

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First one done for this year. This went a little better then the Cuda even if i made many mistakes and arent

too happy about it. What is done is i bashed a AMT Viper coupe for suspension,engine,transmission,brake

booster and engine managment. The rear back up lights was made out of clear parts three,inspired by two

other builders on this forum. The plenum and intake is from Revell (Thank you evilbay lol). The steelies are

from a member on here,dont remember hes name but has ebay store. The dog dish are from Missing Link

and are great. Paint is tamiya,dip stick is home made,alternator wire is just wire lol. Heater hoses are wire

isolation,radiator hose is scale production,the hose clamps are Top Studio. Exhaust is modified Cuda AAR.

I regret having some blackwash on the engine,because now it looks dirty. Also the rear window is a joke.

Anyway,thanks all for the tip and suggestions in the WIP.

Here are some pics.











Thanks for watching,and if you like it or hate it,let me know.

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Fantastic build and so SHINY :) :) :) . Try putting a drop of flat black on the exhaust pipes - gives the pipe a hollow look.

It`s a great tip and did as you said,made a lot of diffrence,thanks :)

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