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Dodge, REO, Ford, White, and Chevy

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I have been building showrods and 1/8 scale hot rods for a while but this year I wanted to build a truck and got hooked. Going to have to get some trailers soon. Thanks for looking.






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Thanks you. I made the Pepsi machines by printing out pics of a machine from the 70's I found on the internet for sale that had nice front and side pics and glued them to sheet plastic. They don't have great detail but look good in the truck.

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Dude, these all look great.....I, too, like the Pepsi truck with the machine inside.....That is a really nice touch, and the weathering is spot on.....Very nice work.....Makes me want to grab one of those.....

That Freightliner looks awesome, too.....I love the paint scheme and it looks as real as you can get...The mods are just beautiful......Excellent work....

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tbill, for the weathering all I used was some Testors wood paint a brown and black permanent marker and paper towel with some thinner on it. It was almost like real wood how the darker colors would stay in the grain.

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