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Would this do for painting? (Airbrush)

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I realized the other day,or actually right after i took up this hobby again that if i`m going to get the

finish i want on parts and interior i need to get myself an airbrush. The rattle can works great,but

in the long run it will become very expensive to buy a new box everytime i need a detail pantied.

I`m new to airbrush,i have never used one so it`s nice if it is easy to use.

I noticed this have sold close to 6000 examples,do you think it is any good?


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Wow, that looks like a pretty nice setup for the price. I am impressed that the compressor comes with the moisture trap and regulator. Airbrushes can be dodgy - most likely these are china spinoffs of a name brand. But what does not come form china anymore ?

If I was starting over and saw a deal like this , I would not be afraid to buy it. Painting with a airbrush is difficult for some and others it is like a natural reaction. But you wont learn or get better without using one.

As time goes by you may decide these A/B's are not up to your performance and upgrade.

This seller has over 34,000 positive feedback and only 11 unhappy customers in the past 12 months. That is amazing.

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Those airbrushes are usable, but you'd probably be better off getting one good, solid airbrush with easy-to-find replacement parts. Something like a Paasche H or VL, but I don't know how easy it might be to get parts for them in Norway-- an Iwata Revolution or a Harder & Steenbeck might be a better choice based on your location. The compressor in that listing is probably decent and the vendor sells it individually. Looking at the other airbrushes that vendor sells, there is something definitely off about the way the price their items, such as the $1600 airbrush-compressor combos!

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I currently don't have enough airbrush experience to offer a really valid opinion, but I DO have considerable experience buying real-car knock-off (Chinese copy) spray guns (gravity feed and siphon, touchup and full-size), and in general, I've been extremely disappointed with the smaller ones...the touchup guns. I've had several that sprayed great the first time out of the box, but the o-rings and other seals disintegrated during the first cleaning, leaving the guns un-usable until re-engineered.

I've seen a couple of guys on here who have had similar problems with no-name airbrushes. Just be sure you get a good guarantee if you're going to buy an off-brand with poor parts support.

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I just bought a Iwata Revlution and I absolutely love it. The cheaper Chinese copies will not hold up and have allot more seals to go bad. I would stick with name brands like Iwata. Paasche, Badger etc, I also own a Paasche Talon and Iwata Eclipse and they are all really great airbrushes. I know allot will recommend a Paasche H but they do not atomize or spray as nice as better internal mix airbrushes.

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I bought the master airbrush gravity feed set that's very similar to this. the compressor is ok but I also bought the iwata eclipse and pasche something or other. and I pretty much just tossed the one that came in the kit back in its box. but I also noticed the compressor is also not making the pressures it should EX:it will only hold 20 psi no matter what I do. but it still works and im gonna use it till it dies. but this one also came with a one year warranty. and it was only 70 bucks on amazon. hope that helps a bit

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