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I've had Bob re-chrome parts for me for 20 years now, and his service is still the best and fun to use. A friend gave me three '57 Ford promos to restore for him, and I decided to get the chrome replated for best effect. I included my own parts for projects both immediate and well into the future so I could fill both 6"x 8" racks that I made back in the day. They have been chromed at least 12 times each. Bob's service is unique because you can make custom parts, strip and mount parts yourself for the best price, or have him do all the work on individual parts for more money. Lots of choices.

Stripped parts mounted:


Six weeks later:






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I agree! Have only used CT and was pleased as punch.

Now, As good a modeler as you are, why didn't you remove the mold seams on some of those parts :mellow:

The '57 Ford bumpers were for restored promo models, so I left the seams on for originality. But I did remove the seams on all of the kit parts, taking them to 1000 grit with a polishing kit.

I need to have the chrome replated on my 1/12 57 Chevy. What is the cost for what you had done?

The two racks were about $59 with return shipping included. You should be able to fit the Chevy chrome on one rack.


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Just make sure you carefully prep your parts...I sent some stuff off to them and they came back perfect...so perfect in fact that they showed off every single little gouge or rough spot I left on the parts like they were under a spotlight. :angry: Nothing will make you realize what a crappy job you did of prepping a part like a nice new coat of chrome. Taught me a lesson about putting some elbow grease behind the 1000 grit.

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