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Garage Shop Diorama completed

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I finally completed the Garage Shop diorama for photography. I chose to start a new thread because of the amount of changes I made.


This end contains a bench with mismatched cabinets above it. Assorted debris rest on top of them.


Here I've added a parts washing station and old exhaust pipes fill the garbage can Under the loft is a restroom.


The completed scene allows room for the vehicle to be moved for the best affect. I own an amplifier about the size of the one on the loft, and I know that I sure wouldn't want to haul it up that ladder.


I can now pose my models in a much more real setting for photographing them.

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Nice idea.You might want to check how square either the restroom outside wall is as there is a slight difference between that and the outside support girder for the garage door track.Just constructive critisism from a builder with a real problem with straightness.Having a photo op dio is a lot of fun !

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Thanks Tom. The restroom is actually freestanding as it was an afterthought, and I had to fiddle with it to get it back in there. I once worked in a tire shop where somebody had just tossed up a couple plywood walls to make a restroom and it didn't look much different than that, and is where I got the idea. Those walls weren't very straight either and whenever one closed the door, the walls would shake.

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I'm not sure there is such a thing as a completed diorama. There were some things such as brick with no grout and a floor that was way too clean, that were really bothering me. Secondary details such as a spotless engine stand had to be attended to also. So I can now call this a completed diorama until I find something else to work on.

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