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Tom Daniel's Vandal - Customized the Custom - Finished

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Well, I'm calling it done. It could use some refinement, I'm certain. I actually managed to booger up both the rear axle and the rear door. But, I think it'll look just fine in the display case. I may build another sometime. Might even do it "stock". Anyway....here it is. I switched the steering wheel with a chain unit I found in my spares box. I added a barefoot gas pedal. I used rear tires from some 1/24 Monogram kit or other; and I built up some "struts" using insulated wire and a paper clip. I also shaved the bumpers, filled the CHEV on the back door, and made some "paneling" using my computer. I was surprised how much my take on the Vandal looks like some other ideas I've seen around this site. I hope that's okay.

And to top it all off, most of these pictures were taken after a collision between the Vandal and my workbench. Turns out, having no rear-view mirrors must be a bad thing. Nothing too bad, but I had to re-attach all of the doors; and my second go at the struts isn't as cool as my first time. There's too much traffic on my bench!

On to the pictures:

Side view, showing the stuts to hold open the door.


Chain steering wheel:


Basic wiring; shaved front bumper:

I split the rear doors, and shaved the 'CHEV' on the back. I tried to think of a way to actually open the doors with side hinges; but I gave up pretty quickly. You know, that whole "quick build" thing...


Little better view of the "Struts" holding up the side door. And, some very basic engine wiring. No cooling system to get in the way, though. :rolleyes:


Fancy interior with groovy 70's paneling. Never mind that paint bugger:

Here it is prior to the collision on my workbench. Oops. :angry:


'nother pre-collison shot:

And we're off to build something else!

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Oh, more details! Those fantastic Firestone decals are from Joseph, who posts here on the forum. His stuff is great! Paint is Testor's Inca Gold, followed by some of that awesome Testor's "Wet Look" clear. I didn't clear over the decals, though. Wonder if I should have? Oh, well. :mellow:

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Thanks for the kind complements, everyone!

Having finished this, I have thought of other ways I'd like to build the kit, such as:

  1. "stock", with the trick mini-bike, of course!
  2. a painter's van, complete with rust and ladders and dents.
  3. a mail van, but how do you make the bubble on the right hand side?

So many ideas...so little time. <_<

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