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1969 Pontiac fix.


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This is an old Monogram The Judge GTO i put together maby 20 years ago. I took it apart and soaked

it in grill/oven cleaner for the night,then washed it. I sanded off the GTO emblems,took off the rear spoiler

and removed the tack on the hood. Then it`s painted with Tamiya gunmetal and two layers of Tamiya

clear. Chassis and tub are just primed. Not sure where i will be going with this,but it`s on the kitchen

table for foil right now.

Here are some pics of progress.



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I like that color,should look good with them wheels to.

Would look nice but i found out they wont fit because the center build inwards to much.

I have another set that fit like a glove,i`ll try take some pics later on how it sits with them.

The rear should be lifted a little or the front lowered,these cars tend to look saggy on the rear.

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Moved the spindles,sits nicer now. Painted the wheel centers,carved out the grill(s) and thought about using mesh.

Should i leave the rear bumper plated or go with color of the body? This makes me loose sleep lol



Wheels,i will mount some decent brakes before they go on.


Here are the grill frames.


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Soon ready to be mounted. Painted the block and valve covers body color. Needs pully assembly,starter,oil filter and wires.

Its got an auto so it will be an cruiser with tons of torque,over 600 cubic inces should be around 9 liters <_<

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