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This project grew out of an earlier "What if...?" Studebaker project, both of which are based on the 1/25 AMT Ford C-600 kit, but this second version will use the longer frame rails from the City Delivery C-600 kit which have already been fully boxed in, as shown below. The lower rail has been sanded smooth, while the upper rail was not yet sanded when the pics were taken:



I'm using the experimental turbine engine from the AMT GMC Astro 95 kit to power this truck, so I will test fitting and modifying as necessary to ensure the engine to fits both under the cab and between the frame rails. I debated widening the frame, but found it wasn't necessary once I had the engine mostly assembled. There is very little engine side to frame rail clearance, but there are no interference issues so far, even with the exhaust manifolds placed in position:




After adding the regenerators to both sides, there's even less space between the engine and frame rails, but the engine's fit and location within the frame is about as good as it can get. I will probably need to add some small lift blocks between the front beam axle and leaf springs, arch the springs a little bit more, or add a clearance bend in the center of the I-beam front, or maybe some combination of those three, in order to have enough clearance between the front axle and bottom of the engine. A small clearance blister will be necessary for under-cab clearance, but the front and mid-engine mounts are now in place:




There are still a bunch of accessories to be added to the engine-- alternator, starter motor, fuel pump, etc.-- and the rear wall of the cab will get a larger opening, some louvers, and a new support brace, but for now, I'm happy with how it's all coming together.

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Very Interesting Casey Are you going for a full blown custom with this one?

No, it will be more of a "What if...?" factory experimental type project. A truck Studebaker might've built only one example of not long before they went out of business.

I finished the cab-to-frame pivots, pinned the cab to the frame for test fitting, but never took pics of the pivots. At least the front axle is centered in the front wheel well...:


...and the front wheel from the GMC Astro 95 and Goodyear 11.00 x 20 tire is properly centered, too:


Top of engine to bottom of interior tub clearance is not so good, as expected, but there's enough room under the seat to add a bit more vertical space for the engine, so no worries:


I added the rear valance panel vents from the 1/20 MPC McLaren Mk8d kit to the cab's rear wall and used the GMC Astro 95's engine support piece as the new rear body support. Below you can see the vents already installed and sanded flush, and the U-shaped support brace resting in place:



The below image roughly shows where the turbine engine's exhaust pipes will exit under the rear of the cab, and why the body support brace needed to be narrowed:


Brace narrowed, and engine in place for another test fit. Yep, still too tall. :D


I filled in the rear cab wall on both sides of the new body support brace, but won't attach the brace to the body until much later. The rough lower edges of the filler pieces will eventually be shaped to fit around the exhaust pipes, but getting the rear cab height set correctly was the main goal tonight:


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Thanks, guys. I added a clearance blister under the seat...:


...and "much later" become "today" once I permanently installed the U-shaped body brace and cut cleared out some room on both sides of the brace to allow the exhaust pipes to pass through:


I think I'm going to use the large fuel tanks found in the GMC Astro kit, too:


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Can't wait for more- even though I'm afraid I might have to. B)

Is that a hint? <_<:lol:

It looks like a cool project but did I miss the Studebaker content? :huh:

While it's admittedly not very clear at this point where Studebaker fits in, I'll try to clear that up as work progresses.

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I decided to make the frame rails full thickness along the entire length, save for the last few feet where they taper slightly. I used donor frame rail sections from another AMT Ford C-series kit, so here's what the frame looks like now, as well as a detail shot of the butt joint between the frame rail pieces:



I felt I needed to beef up the frame rails because I decided to use the tandem rear suspension from the AMT GMC Astro 95 kit, and I wanted the rear leaf spring brackets to be located forward of the frame rail's taper. I didn't quite get the brackets entirely forward of the taper, but the overlap is very small and is acceptable to me.

I want to thank member Cornpatch (Jeff Rae) for sending me the two missing rear axle housing pieces from the Astro 95 kit I needed, so Jeff, thanks again. With those parts now in hand, I was able to clean up and assemble both axle housings, then add the 2-speed(?) differential to the front housing, and get everything sanded, ready for primer (post assembly shot below):


The Astro 95's Hendrickson walking beam rear suspension isn't horrible, but there are a few deep sink marks/holes in my pieces and the leaf spring detail is a bit weak, so they'll be cut apart into individual pieces, and new leaf springs made from styrene strip.



Leaf spring brackets separated and prepped for attachment to frame rails...:


...and now attached:



The rear wheel pieces and brake drums/backing plates were matched so they'll fit snugly together come final assembly time:



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