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As a huge monster truck fan this box took my attention every now and then.... I made a small start with it, just to get myself going again ;)

The Box



The contents


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Thanks for sharing, yours is really bad twisted.

I hope mine is better but already noticed that my rear body parts (don't know the exact name) is bent. We will see what I can make of it, the quality looks little bit disappointing so far.

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The problem is they put alot of parts in such a small box and the roll cage should be at least 6 pieces not 2 . It wouldn't very all jacked up if it was smaller pieces that had to be built up.... your definitely gonna need some putty on the axles to cause mine had huge gaps about the thickness of a dime

Sorry for the disappointing news by the way :-\ I really look forward to seeing you doing something great with it

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  • 3 months later...

Yeah ha, finally some progress on this hobby :D

Body is in first layer of primer and some parts are painted.



Back of the cab is painted in first layer of color, this have to go in before I can start with the assembly of the chassis / cage


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  • 10 months later...

After a long break I proceed with this Ford again.
I painted the body and added the decals but I had big issues to get them on nicely, they where cracking and ripping. 



Decided to fill the holes and cracks with paint and after that I clearcoated them.
Must say the result is a lot better than I expected it to be :-)


Test setup, looking cool :-)
Time to start with the chassis soon.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Slowly making progress :D

Roll cage and driver compartment are as good as ready!

The engine is in with radiator and gearbox, all the chrome has been removed and replaced with Alclad Aluminum. 

The front shocks are mounted

Another test fit after the body mounts have been glued on. 

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Thanks Joe, I had some issues getting the engine in correctly. Because of that I made changes in lot of things but its now in without pressure and its not twisting the chassis.
Im very happy with the result ;)



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