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Great Traders List

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I HIGHLY recommend trading with Tubbs. He went out of his way to help me with a trade.

Also completed a Trade with MadHorseman Who shipped extremely fast.

These guys are an asset to the forum.

thanks Ron, same here. I shipped Ron an incomplete kit, Ron handled it in a very calm manner, didn't fly off the handle or scream and yell. found the pieces and everyone was happy. thanks for a great trade Ron.

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Please post your list of members with whom you've had a positive trading experience, as well as those who you would not recommend trading with in this topic. Feedback, both good and bad, helps everyone know who is and isn't a reliable, trustworthy trader.

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Great traders for me..

JT- kilrathy10

Terry- superpeterbilt

Sean- oldbuckaroo

Tanner- redneckrodder

Lucas- trickmymixer

Jesse- olsbook

Sam- guitarsam326

Dennis- tesla

Henry- phantom1

Chris- 1stgoat

Richard- cowboy rich

Vince- vintagedragcrazy

these are all stand up guys to trade with.

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I've just recently gotten back into the truck building hobby and so far...

JT(kilrathy10) and I completed a good trade,

Jeff(gotnitro?) hooked me up with some wheels/tires for my current project,

William(williamchevelleman) was also a great source of parts when I was doing a little 1/16 stuff.

So far I've found that there's a great group of guys here who appreciate each others building styles and tastes in trucks! :)

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Dealt with several truck builders here, some numerous trades with No Problems at All ! :D

Superpeterbilt - Terry

Rigzndiesel - Jeff

Petertrucker07 - Clayton

tbill - Tom

trick my mixer - Lucas

Tesla- Dennis

Kilrathy10 - Big and Orange JT

Roadrunner - Kevin

Casey - moderator Casey

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Heres my trade list. Ive had no trouble with any trade as of yet.



Old Buckaroo

Guitar Sam 326

Dodge Addict

Rign 14

Scale Trucker




Chuck Most




Chariots of Fire








Driptroit 71


Mopar D



Larry Ray




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Yaayy!!!! Here's the list I was looking for all along.....Thank you, Casey, for adding this here, and thank you Clayton for suggesting it....


Now....I have some GOOD guys to list, as well....


Clayton petetrucker07

Terry superpeterbilt

Earl Miller ewaskew

Sean oldbuckaroo

Tanner redneckrodder

Jesse olsbooks

Sam Grabenhorst Sam I Am

Mark bismarck

Chris Guthro Chris Guthro

Gordon Berry scale trucker

Brian Bush csxfan2001

Lucas Hernandez trickmymixer

Jeff Kessler Jeffk

Vince Putt bowtienutz

Mike Perhach Mike77

Matt T. Matthew T.

Brad Parker * bobcat



And let's not forget Gator.....I should have added you way back, Buddy..... B) A big oversight on my part.....



I hope I haven't left anyone out.....If so, let me know, and I will gladly add you......I've traded with so many people, here, it's easy to forget.....



*Took a bit, but trade was completed.....

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I second that about Ferrarijoe, he was very fast to

deal with. And sadly it takes me a bit to make it to the

post office here!

Also Jeremy Linn (atomicholiday) is great to trade

with too. I would trade with either anytime!

David S.

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