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On 1/16/2021 at 4:00 PM, Little Timmy said:

Been trading up a storm with  Sam I am.

Never a bad moment when trading with him ! 

... Now ,... if only he would stop coming up with stuff I CANNOT live without ...

That works both ways. ?

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Not only was the trade with Ford f100

(Phil Sparano) a perfect trade but he also sent me the 2 pcs I needed to complete my showrod ,the shower head and left rear sconce.

The other trade that went smooth as usual was with bismarck ( Kevin Little) this was a huge trade, biggest I have ever made. Thanks to both of you , your stand up friends.




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Not really a trade, but I wanted to give a shout out to Tom Geiger for taking the time to make me some great scale license plates for two of my childhood family cars. 

Thanks Tom!

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Thank you Rich! My pleasure!  Now build those cars!  😀

And the community good will goes round and round!  Yesterday I received the pair of ancient slicks I needed to properly finish my Red Chariot!  A kind act indeed!  Many thanks to Muncie / Steve Payne for helping me with these!  Much appreciated and I’m happy to pass it along by helping the next guy!

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