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redoing a 68 yenko p/t camaro painted

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Gmp 68 yenko camaro street fighter I picked up at a flea market I shaved the mirrors, door handles, hood pins, turn signal lights off the grill,wipers, and rear spoiler. The the back window is tinted with 35% black window tint, there's few carbon accents still has the billet specialties wheels on it and for paint I'm undecided on. I'll post pics later

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Its cool with me,I dont buy my cars to sit on and sell for a profit later. Each one of my cars comes out of the box and gets modified in some way or another,whether it be a wheel/tire swap or underhood detailing. I cant leave any of them alone as I want to put my touch on every single one.

I like it you modded an expensive car because it usually means you got a good deal on it.

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Started working on my camaro and got some simple things done.... I'm getting rid of all the mold marks and glue globs from the factory, I removed the horizontal door bar, removed the seat harnesses, smoothed the door panel's and rear interior panels I'll be reshaping the door panel's and possibly the rear interior panels as well, I smoothed the wheel tubs, going to add a chevy emblem to the rear interior wall, and putting subs in the trunk in what will look like a fiberglass enclosure, I'm retinting the rear window, I recessed the grill alil bit, and possibly adding 1/25 scale 69 camaro road lights to the front valance I chose 1/25 scale because I don't want them as big as they should be, and the interior will be painted with suede paint and carbon fiber accents. Comments and thoughts always welcomed..

Smoothed door panel and stock


Removed horizontal door bar


Removed harnesses and smoothed rear wheel tubs


Recessed grill


Smoothed rear interior panels


Some mold marks and glue globs getting fixed


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