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So, after a reasonably long hiatus (TOO long, life happens sometimes...) due to school and the Golf, I'm finally back into modelling. I promised myself I'd get back into modelling this summer. Now with exams being finished and the GTI being finished (I'll update that thread for you guys in a minute, I see I've had some responses since I've been gone...), I have no excuse do I eh? So, I picked a kit and got with it...

As per usual in my threads, I cranked on the tunes...


(amazing, amazing album.)

and got to work. I was actually working on two kits at once, due to having a lot of inspiration and the itch to get modelling, which I decided to take advantage of while I have it... the other one is Tamiya's '66 Beetle which is sitting in primer, which I've lowered at the front and decided to make a scratchbuilt roof rack for - waiting on styrene tubing to arrive, first attempt at real scratch building so I'm sure that'll be fun...

Anyways, the one I have finished, is this. It's Revell's Jagermeister T2 (I may not have been BUILDING models, but that doesn't mean I was not buying them! hahah. I didn't want to do the real livery, though it's pretty cool so eventually I may do so. I vowed I would never touch another Revell multi-piece body T2 so long as I live, but God knows why I decided to give it a shot. More patience and experience helped me, I think... There's still a few alignment issues but I think you can see where I've tried to do a realistic remedy to these.. :P Mainly duct tape and an attempt to make it look like the rusty hinges caused one of the side doors to drop. I also lost an indicator on the front, so I drilled a hole out to make it look like it basically rusted off. I'm not very good at rust weathering, but it was a necessity really.. Colour is "Ford Ivory White". Anyway, I'll let the pics do the talking!










It's been a long time since I've been at the bench so the photography and model building skills are a little past it but I'm sure I'll get them back soon enough, hahah!

Comments and criticisms are much appreciated!

Good to be back. :)

- Tomo

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Cheers guys, much appreciated!

The duct tape is made from Tamiya masking tape coloured silver with a sharpie and then cut to size with a blade.

I know Lee, currently my latest musical obsession.. Grew up with her music though, so I guess it had to come back around eventually :P

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