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Old Build 68 Pontiac Firebird


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Time for another of my old builds,

The Pro Touring style was popular at the time for this build about 10 years ago so I thought I would give it a try and the choice of subject fell on Revell's 68 Pontiac Firebird.

The wheels are Pegasus Chrome T's with Tamiya tires on the rear end to get a higher profile tire and I narrowed the rims and tires slightly at the front, I used photo etched disc brakes from MAS and calippers from Replicas And Miniatures Co Of Maryland and the front suspension is lowered to get the stance I was after.

I used C4 Corvette front seats from a Monogram ZR1 and modified them to fit in the Revell interrior, I also cut out and did new inserts for the back seat to match the pattern of the fronts.

The Paint is Volvo Ocean Blue Pearl Metallic with BMF and all emblems are from a Model Car Garage photo etched detail set.

The engine block and heads are the same color as the outside of the body and is built out of box with some basic wiring, I had to shorten the headers as they touched the table top before the front wheels so I took 3-4 millimeters out of the downwards pipes to tuck them up closer to the floor, I also redid the exhaust system to meet the headers and clear the rear tires better.

Now to the pictures.







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Muscular and dark, what a muscle car should be. This is the first time I've ever truly liked a build of this kit. I've seen many well built ones here but for some reason they all looked like real ones. What I mean is that most of the actual cars didn't appeal to me all that much either.

This one has that "thing", "It" if you will.

I'm diggin it.


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