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What did you see on the road today?

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This past Sunday on US 101 in Marin County north of SF, a mid-50's Lancia Aurelia coupe, in what can only be described as late '50s Aston Martin racing green.  Of course I was in the fast lane and the Lancia was in the #5 lane with a speed difference of 20mph +/-.

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10 hours ago, Ulf said:

German DWK, two stroke three cylinder, like a micro Thunderbird.E05F9F06-8A52-4E62-A4B0-0D553AD99CD5.thumb.jpeg.5797e442f6e7e7b6a676bfb05da44cb1.jpeg

Yes in my early days here in the UK we saw all manner of DKW's, plus early SAAB's with the three cylinder two stroke motors, and DAF small engined small cars with variomatic gearboxes. 

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Went to a Spaceflight Collectibles show at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station & saw this group of C8 Vettes parked in the grass. Surprised the owners weren't wiping them down and sitting around in lounge chairs(Corvette guys will get the joke). Later went to lunch and saw this Camaro/firebird on a 4wd truck chassis. 



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22 hours ago, iamsuperdan said:

This was in yesterday for an oil change.

Nothing too special, but with the new suspension and wheels...dang did this thing look awesome and menacing.



That does look good, wondering what wheels those are, looks like factory center cap.

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