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What did you see on the road today?

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On 8/31/2023 at 11:13 AM, BlackSheep214 said:

I've been passing this garage lot the past 2-3 weeks on my courier route and finally stopped to take a couple photos.

My mind keeps telling me that's 100% positive a '56 Chevy. Sure as heck looks it. The rusty grill, tail light profile and hood ornament is a dead giveaway. 



You are correct, this is a '56 model 210 four door and the emblem on the hood, if original, would indicate it had a 6-cylinder engine from the factory.  

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Stopped in for some tacos at the local taco joint & this C3 was parked out front. Decent car, looked like it was well cared for during it's life. C3's are too new for me(though I've worked on my share of them) as far as Corvettes go, but that'd be a fun grocery getter.




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1 hour ago, atomicholiday said:

Just came across this at a flea market.  I think these are really cool.



Ah, Volkswagen "The Thing".  Even has graphics proclaiming the American name.  They don't show up often around this area (even at the car shows or cruise nights).  Funny how VW commercialized a military vehicle and (mainly) hippies in the '60s embraced them. Now they are collector's items like many other low-end vintage vehicles.

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Looks like Friday was Ferrari day.


This is outside one of my client's place.


The Ferrari is owner #1.

The TRX is owner #2

The Hellcat is their Controller.

There's also a super sweet nee Volvo wagon, but he wasn't in.




Went out for dinner Friday night, and this was parked out front.


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