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What did you see on the road today?

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19 hours ago, Rocketman455 said:

Cyber Truck parked in High School parking lot, behind my house. First one I have seen. And in a very small town no less. To me, this thing is some kind of ugly......20240521_183900.thumb.jpg.bec01a2a159a8857c83056d019f4e638.jpg20240521_183907.thumb.jpg.1bdf54b86ff59c36f54b5015aac75513.jpg20240521_183918.thumb.jpg.64ce7913692f8a750981bccadae361ab.jpg

Was it designed by a five year old? Sorry nothing against five year olds!

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57 minutes ago, Suburban_Hooligan said:

i wonder what kind of power that hamster makes 

I dyno'ed mine once..... With a little tuning and open headers, I was able to wring .125 HP out of the little guy............  B)

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Sorry, no pics, but I went to the local Lowes last weekend and came out to see a late Model T phaeton in the parking lot. All shiny black and over restored, but stock. Saw it again a couple days later driving and was amazed to see a guy around 45-ish behind the wheel.

On my way home from the office today there was a brightly colored Frito-Lay semi on the freeway. At the last minute I realized that it was was a Tesla semi with a yellow and orange wrap to match the trailer.

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I've travelled to an island group further north than my home. I am attending their local classic car show at the weekend so we have taken the simca and the corsair this time. We will be doing a fewroad tours with other classics so i should have pics all week. Heres the group we travelled north with.


and heres a couple of cars owned by friends who made us breakfast. He had 3 more cars in carcoons so i couldn't get a decent pic of themDSC09340.JPG.2aae9b977bc4706ca4f9631be7bce141.JPGDSC09341.JPG.3ff3a7f38d427a82eb2c0c775d6c1c91.JPGDSC09339.JPG.549bc584b4516958419d130612c69cd9.JPGDSC09338.JPG.4a1aa5bd71237ed997ee8250f3956b66.JPG


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Today i got to see one of the rarest jaguars in existence. This is a real jaguar built test car and is still owned by jaguar. 2 were made but one was destroyed during testing. There are coachbuilt versions around but this is the real deal, genuine jaguar wagon


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