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1979 Malibu Pro Mod Finished! 8-1-14

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Looking great Ron!Are the letters on the tires decals or painted on?

Thanks Guys.

Stan, the lettering on the front tires is drawn on with a white gel pen. Any ink that goes outside the lines can be scrapped off with a hobby knife once the ink dries.

I highlighted all the trim on this one last night. This pic shows my progress about half way through painting on the black. Trim was done with a combination of paint brushes and Sharpies. Grill, headlight buckets and tail lights will be black. Bumpers are white.


Rear axle is installed for good and I got the fuel pump installed for good. Tonight I'll start the plumbing.


As always thanks for looking!

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Thanks guys! I appreciate all the positive feedback!

Tyrone it's pretty thick in spots. Check out the below pics and you'll get and idea. The doors should be fine. I did find this resin to be rather brittle as I cracked the car in half cutting out the trunk. Easy fix though.

Here it is in all its glory. I may add a few knick knacks here and there later. I am not 100% happy with the engine so the hood will stay closed on this one. It will be a shelf model.





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