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Rereleased Revell 1957 Chevy Bel Air

Jordan White

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Back on the bench after a long break, where I'll be building a slightly modified, updated version of the 1957 Bel Air that my dad built back when he was younger (going to be a birthday gift for him). His build was the original 1963 release by Revell, and really showed how tough the kit went together. I was trying to find the same kit on ebay, when I was lucky enough to find out that the recently released Ed Roth kit is the one I wanted, at retail price (surprised I haven't seen anyone else building it yet :P )

Here's a few pics of my dad's build:





My plans are to paint everything pretty much the same as his build, but clean up all the parts as best I can as well as make sure they fit great. I'm also stripping all the chrome so it's easier to clean up the parts, and I'll be coating them in Alclad chrome. I'm also going to use some parts box tires instead of the kit tires (even though they are one piece rather than the old two piece).

Starting with the chassis, I painted it all satin black and painted the gas tank and exhaust aluminum. My dad used the lift "shackles" from the drag version in the back, so I'm doing the same. Of course, this meant modifying the exhaust on the driver's side to fit properly since it originally ran above the rear spring perch.


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the '56 by Monogram is a completely different kit from the Revell '57. looking at the old build reveals that it does display pretty good proportions, better than many would admit given it's age....

i think the kit actually does a better job of representing the actual car than the AMT version of the same era. admittedly, it has lots of faults like fragile suspension and excess flash, difficult to install body chrome, and cast-in side trim.... but the prospect of working features like opening hood, doors, and trunk, raising rear quarter windows, and poseable steering make up for much of that.

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Alright got some more done. Front suspension completed and wheels/tires mounted (still have to swage the spindles where the tie rod is attached). Due to poor molding, had to make new spindle posts to attach the tie rod.


Body on the chassis with door, hood, and trunklid resting in place.


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