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Stacey David's Rat Roaster (My Version)

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I've only made 3 kits this year and I'm only really happy with one of them ( http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=89942#entry1188849 )so I thought I'd give the Stacey David Rat Roaster a try.

For this build I'll stick with kit tires and rims. I'm not real happy with the resin bomber seats I ordered for this build, so I'll stick with the kit seats, too.

Here is the color I chose for the body. It's a radically different direction for me as I usually make my cars in flat colors because I'm not that great at nice, glossy paint jobs.


I decided the metal interior should have the same color as the body. I drilled the holes out that had the goofy upholstery. I will mask off and paint the upholstered door panels black after a few days of drying.


I decided I'd keep the firewall the same as the body color too (I never do this). This decision was based on looking at 1:1 cars in several issues of Rod & Custom magazine.


The rest of the body parts have been painted the same color.


I'm going for a different look this time and we'll see how it goes.

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Thanks everyone. What do you think is a good engine color for this one? Right now I'm going with red. I think if the engine is the same color as the body, it'd be too much of it.

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Looking good so far!

Last time I did a rod in a similar color I used Krylon "Almond" for the engine. It provided just enough change to make the engine stand out.


Hey, now that's not a bad idea. How do you think that would look with a black interior?

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I love the color. Make the interir chocolate brown. I think it will compliment the exterior quite well and it will keep it somewhat unusual.

Just a thought....how about a cream kinda colour on the upholstery?

Great idea guys, and I wish I would have thought of that. Unfortunately I already started one upholstery panel with black... All is not lost though, black interior is not unheard of, lol.

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Quick Update:

Painted the engine Indian White.


I think it complements the body color pretty well.


Got some other parts painted as well. Metallic silver, gloss black and flat black.



I decided to look at this kit I got for next to nothing at a yard sale a while back. It's a virtual cornucopia of useless and missing parts.


There's parts from a few different kits in it, possibly the same kit from different releases. The engine is not from this kit, the suspension is broken and or missing, original tires are missing, etc. It's a mess and just beggin' to be rat rodded.

I think the frame had been painted with a sharpie. As soon as I can get an engine and suspension parts together I'll give this box of junk a new life and a fresh coat of primer.

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