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Pro Street..Corolla

1 bad55 stan

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Hi all,My capri is getting close to being finished so i thought i would start on this.I remember these cars when they were brand new.Toyota,Mazda and the Datsuns,were the funny looking cars from Japan.Now adays they arn't so common.Any ways here is my next project.First job was to open the hood(bonnet),and cut out the engine and back of the frame.Enough of the blah blah here is some photos...







Any thoughts or comments are welcome.I hope you like it...

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Stan.....you KNOW I love small cars with tubs! I'll be watching this build for sure.

Cheers mate.

Very cool work so far I'm loving it. The first few yrs of the janpanese cars had style in my opinion before the cookie cutter 80's came along.

I agree about the early jappers,Thanks for your comment Dave.

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Man that is cool. Mainly because I'm doing one very similar to it, got rid of the fender flares, tube chassis, and a supra 2jz. I'll post pics tonight to compare haha, good work though.

Thanks Ryan,I would like to see your toy motor,I don't like the flares at all,maybe you can show us how you done yours.I will be looking for your 1 later.

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