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Brockway 361.... Let out of the bag

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Ive been keeping this under wraps until the casting were ready, but I have to kick it into high gear to finish this for a show in Sept. I have been working in this cab on and off for a decade. I have been working on the chassis since earlier this year. I have been working on casting this, and the re-mould has yielded much better results. This started as an Autocar dumper chassis with a Hendrickson walking beam. Im using tires that Ive resin cast and quickly realized that they were too large to use with that set up. I scratch built my own spring and hangers using the beams from DM mixer kit. This chassis has worn many cabs and tonight, finally got its own. The winch is resin from AITM. The tanks, tires, cab, battery boxes, and aux trans are all resin by me. The bumper, grill guard, rear susp, headache rack, lowboy ramps, rear bumper, spring hangers, oscillating 5th wheel, and after tonight, winch cradle, are all scratch built. The truck will be pulling a fictional 5axle beam trailer with a 3 axle jeep hauling a train locomotive. I havd a photo of a Mack DM hauling a locomotive, so Im taking it overboard.Its been thru many changes and rebuilds. Ok, so heres the story.....











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Jiminy Christmas Terry. Youve been busy. Thats gonna be absolutely awesome. Your definitely not of the "glue on the windshield" group. Very nice work.

Ha! Yeah, I try to work on it every day. Its my " Sgt. Peppers". The windshield, like most of the rest of it will be scratch built.(Im sure Ill get glue on it)

P.S. Its a shame that thread got locked, I was enjoying that.

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I know it, good stuff, HA!

Once i get around to ordering the suspension from auslowe, ill post my 48' scratch spread axle flatbed.

Im still tip toeing into scratch builds. Learnin things, still need to find places to get styrene, sheets, strips, and what not, in more than my LHS and bigger than what green sheet offers. Id love to do a cozad with jeeps and flip axle.

Ill be following progress on this.

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You have been busy...this Brockway is one serious heavy hauler and it looks great! Awesome work on the trailer...great combination.

Now we know why you need the D-rings :D

Yes sir, gotta chain down the train. Im getting them from Ben Wicker along with chain binders, glad hands, and a PTO.

I think you mean "The dog is out of the kennel" ! Nice work on the cab.


Ok, The Huskys out of the pen! Look out!

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Small update: Got some lights on the roof, mirrors on, air cleaner and luberfiner temporarily mounted. I reworked the new winch cradle, because it was a little too big. I added some Diamond Reo battery box steps. The drive chain for the winch will be a 1/12 PE Tamiya motorcycle chain. Let me just say, that was an experience putting that together. I was very impressed with how it went together. It was very tedious. I hope to have that on, and have some pics soon.




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