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1965 Dodge Coronet


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This is the snap kit from Polar Lights. I wish i could say it was just to snap it together,but it`s far from the truth,if

i`m not just really out of luck as for what fitment concern. Anyway,i put on some foil,not so easy with the sloppy

original painted moldings. I changed the interior color from tan to red,and the engine color from blue to black.

Did an attempt at giving the engine and surroundings little bit of detail as wires,heater hoses,coil wire,battery

wire,and some decals. The hood is not put 100% in place,such an hazzle to get it off later on. I wanted to try

blackwash on the grill in front of the windsheild,but the one i used on the grill i did not dare to try because

it`s made of clear and black paint lol.

Some pictures.








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What's happening there with the DODGE lettering on the front of the hood? It looks like the bottom half of the letters is missing... :blink:

Half of the lettering is on the molding itself. My option was to respray the hood (i dont have the color or color code) or compromise

by doing this. The hood is also some mm to long,this or the front fenders are some mm to short. The original painted molding are

not very nicely done.

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Indeed they did. As you can see on the original car the letters are much closer to the edge of the hood. I looked thru

tons of pics for referance,just to check if i had somthing wrong with my eyes,but this bummer i will credit the person

who did the lettering.

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Thanks Andy,Ron,John and Harry.

Lee,after looking around on pics it seem there was plenty of colors (not factory i assume) that have been used.

They are meant to look like foglights as mentioned. It looks kinda cool imo,but taste is subjective. I noticed now

i have the wrong color on the turn signal/park lights,they should be Amber.

Here is one inspiration source.


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