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1969 Chevrolet Camaro Pro Touring


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Hi! This was the kit i started as i register on this forum a year ago. Have had some issues on the way,been

putting it away and pulling it back million times. I tried to figure out a theme for it,did not want huge chromed

wheels,and make it look bagged,i do like the style sometimes tho. So it is supposed to represent somthing

you can drive everyday,haul down the dragstrip or throw around the track. Drivetrain is LS7 with two

massive turbos,this linked to an 6speed manual,big brembo brakes,some meaty tires,the wheels are 17".

The body is stock besides shaved markers,door locks,the rear wing,the front spoiler,and it`s lowered and

given some agressive camber. Inside is stock beside Viper Coupe seats. I have not finished the exhaust,

still waiting on some styrene rods. Color is Tamiya white pearl,the primer is actually red,this is why it looks

grey. Then there are decals (i was unlucky some places) from Firebird Design if i remember right.

Not everyones cup of tea,but here is some pics.









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Thanks for the feedback.

The wheels and brakes comes together. I could not find 17" minilites or similar wheels in 5 lug,so it became the ones you see.

The wing is for function,not to be a pos,it gives stability and traction at high speed.

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