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TE27 (1971) Toyota Corolla

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Have another new project here that I've been working on quite a bit. Started as the Fujimi kit. Thought it would be insane to see this little car with a big single turbo 2JZ 6 cyl. out of a supra, liberty trans, narrowed braced 9" rear end, full tube chassis and tubbed like crazy. So that's the direction of this build. Used the 2JZ out of the AMT F&F Supra as a base, a resin liberty trans, and a resin rear end assembly. Started the chassis as a resin mustang pro street chassis, cut the rear tubs and frame section off, then layed out a tube chassis from there, made from .080 and .060 styrene rod. Have the chassis about 85-90% complete now, have the firewall sheet metal done, mocked in the engine and trans, made a dry sump oil pump and modded the oil pan for this, cut the center out of the dash and made a new flat panel to convert to left hand drive, started putting on dzus tabs for mounting the dash and panels on the trans tunnel. I'm using some tiny front drag tires I got at the hobby shop, old AMT Goodyear slicks, some 5 spoke Weld style wheels. Also cut off the fender flares on the body and have new flat pieces installed, have the trunk cut open, made a front valance/ splitter, all needs a lot of body work but I have an idea. Anyway, here is some pics, there is quite of few.







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Got some progress done over the last few days. Got the entire rear suspension, rear end, and wheelie bar setup done. Scratchbuilt all but the resin rear end housing from SMBC, the 4 link brackets on the axle, and the wheelie bar wheels. Made the link bars out of .050 styrene rod, cut the stock springs off and made coil overs out of .080 rod for the shock body, and .030 for the shaft. Made the springs out of black detail wire wrapped tightly around a piece of .080 styrene rod. Made the entire wheelie bar setup out of .060 styrene rod, and PE chassis tabs from Scott (futurattration), and wow I got these and other PE parts from him and they are great to say the least. Will be using more of his PE on this build and others to come. And finally notched the rear valence on the body for room for the wheelie bars. Thanks for looking.








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That looks great stan, how did you make the "lip" on the tops of the new fender openings? I'm thinking maybe small styrene rod and blending it in.

B&W- the 2jz is from the amt fast and furious supra, I'm using just the block, head and valve cover, the rest will be scratch built.

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Thanks for the strip # Stan, I'll look into that for the fenders.

B&W- I seen the ae86 corolla build by flo9mr and that's honestly what got me wanting to do this build, obviously with another body style though. I did some of my chassis very much like his and got the engine idea from this as well. I haven't been to a show in years, I've thought about finding some local shows and checking them out, just haven't done it. Just looked up the OHMS show and I might have to do that one. Thanks

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Still waiting on good weather to clear coat my mod motor lx, so I dug this corolla back out and commenced on it. Added lower a arm mounts using PE chassis tabs from Scott (futureattraction), and built upper strut mounts.


And added gussets to the upper strut mounts


Sratchbuilt front struts out of different sizes of styrene rod.


Scratchbuilt the lower front a arms from different sizes of styrene rod, shaped the rod ends by hand with a file and sandpaper.


The front suspension loosely sitting in place for a mock up.




I also didn't like the rear of the chassis and the tube work I already had done, so I cut it all off and re-built it. Much better IMO.




Thanks again for looking.

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