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1950 Austin "Back2Stock"


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For reference info, go to: www.austinworks.com...lots of good stuff there, including a frame diagram that you could print out and resize to 1/25 scale. If you want a frame that's "in the ballpark", the MPC Datsun pickup unit is pretty close. The rear kickup doesn't match with the Revell interior floor though, and the suspension has to be changed. My older brother built a 1:1 pickup about ten years ago, starting with a rusty stocker. As I recall, the Revell kit body bears only a vague resemblance to the 1:1 in regards to the body creases and the shape of the windshield. If I remember right, the stock Austin engine is the same one that was used in the Nash Metropolitan, and it was used in a number of other cars also. I remember the stock radiator looking like a large heater core, and the stock brakes were hydraulic in front and mechanical at the rear. The pickups were converted from sedans also; a lot of the body work on the rear of the cab and the bed was of poor quality as-built.

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As I remember it, the 1:1 frame was made up of pretty thin stock (for an American car, it would have been heavy gauge sheetmetal back then). It was several layers overlapped in some places like the X-member. The truck my brother had, had been sitting in a dirt floor building in Ontario for a bunch of years before he bought it, so the underside was pretty scabby. He cut the frame up with a Sawzall, didn't use any of it. I want to build a Revell Austin as Jim Oddy's gasser, which would have used the original frame as a starting point. I did use the Datsun frame under an Orange Blossom Special '37 Chevy pickup many years ago; it fit that pretty well. I lined up the front wheels with the wheel openings and then cut the kit's bed down (and moved the rear fenders) to match up with where the rear wheels ended up.

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building one of these too (slowly) and using the motor, trans and rear end from the Airfix 1/24th Jag E type

its very much the sort of hotrod that was being built in england right up to the 80s, easily available parts and relatively cheap (the other option being the Rover V8)

much modified roll cage, front suspension/steering, engine mounts, seat, trandss tunnel and much more to be done yet





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