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Old Build Sox & Martin 71 'Cuda


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Time to show another of my old builds.

I have allways liked this old Jo-Han kit ever since I first saw one at my cousins back in the early 70's, so I have wanted one for myself ever since and I finally got my chance when Seville re-issued the kit in the 90's...I bought two.

The model was built in 1995-6 and it's built out of box but detailed with fuel lines, brake lines, ignition wires, throttle linkage, a 4-point racing harness with photo etched hardware, photo etched hood pins, hose clamps and a few more things.

I had to fix the grille some as all of these kits I have have the same cracks under the outer headlights (I think all have) after that the grille area is painted aluminum with silver headlight bezels and grille hole edges.
Everything except the lettering and contingency decals is painted, even the stripes over the hood and trunk are painted as the kit decal was too light in color (Seville included the wrong decal as it was for the SS/E Superbird model), the paint I used was rattle can touch up paints, Volvo 189 White, Ford 4ZP Spannish Red and Ford 2PP Azur Blue Metallic and Clear over that and polished out, BMF was used on the outside trim and finally the decals, and it looks kind of right.

I know this model isn't quite correct, I didn't have much references other than the box art and I looked some at the old 1970 Hot Rod article of the S & M 70 'Cuda in black and white so I had to "wing it" some, so the engine for one is the wrong color (should be Ford Engine Blue) and some other things I've found out later, but the model came out pretty much as I wanted it at the time.

I couldn't fit the side glass as the roll bar interfered with them and it was too late to fix it, so if you want your model to have the side glass you have to shorten the top of the roll bar and angle in the uprights slightly...or make a new one.

I have plans to build a better, more correct version of this car as I have found lot's of references since I got a computer and internet, and I have gathered up a few more of these kits since my first two as this old Jo-Han kit one of my absolute favourite kits ever.

Enough talk, to the pics.










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Thanks guys!!

Excellent build of the S&M 'Cuda,, but I believe Jake King painted all of his engines Ford Blue and not Race Hemi Orange, no?

Yes I know now it's the wrong color, after what I have read Jake King painted the engines he built for Sox & Martin Ford Engine Blue to recognize his work and as a homage to his own days racing Fords...but I didn't know that back then when I built this model almost 18-19 years ago...as I said, I didn't have much references when I built it.

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