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64 Ford Thunderbolt back seat pattern?

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Has anyone thought about doing a decal for the back seat pattern in the 1964 Ford Thunderbolt?

All 100 Thunderbolts built has the same tan interior with light weight Bostrom bucket seats and a vinyl and fabric back seat, and I have waited for a decal maker to do this as it's hard to do with paint and I haven't found anything usable so far.

So a decal much like the interior pattern decals from Scale Motorsports would have been nice to have.

Here is how it looks like.




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The door panel stripes were offered by Jack Smith of "Top End Decals." He also offers many other

T-Bolt goodies, such as the rear roof quarter crests and some various complete decal sets

for T-Bolts, such as "Bob Ford," "Morristown Ford," and Jake King's "Atwater Ford," to name a few.

If you can't find him on the web, I have his e-mail address, but it's on my computer at work, so I'll post that up

Monday if anyone wants it.

Also.......if you want to make your T-Bolt more accurate, consider a resin hood from "Drag City Casting." The

Revell hood is NOT the correct shape.


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Jim, that information would be nice as I have a '64 Fairlane annual that I would like to build as a bench seat Fairlane 500 hardtop rather than the usual Sport Coupe. If it took two decal sets to do both seats - then so be it, but the pattern would really add a touch of realism. Maybe some other guys would appreciate the additional Thunderbolt parts as well.

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Good to know Jim.

I know the Revell teardrop scoop is wrong and I've bought some resin hoods to replace them.

The door panel stripes can be done with paint as it's one color but the pattern for the rear seat fabric part is a lot more difficult so a decal would help a lot.

Gary: I own a 64 Fairlane Sports Coupe and there are some things that differs between the Sports Coupe and the regular 500 Hard Top, not just the center console, the Sports Coupe is top of the line and has more chrome trim than the others that you have to take off to do a regular 500.

The hood scoop trim, the grille behind the quarter panel side scoops, the trim piece at the base of the roof b-pillar is slightly different as the 500 has a crest emblem on it and the Sports Coupe has the "Sports Coupe" script and a tri-color stripe emblem above the trim piece, the rear panel has a different black "Fairlane 500" emblem instead of the gold "Fairlane Sports Coupe" and a couple of more things.

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