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Lamborghini Countach LP500S Wolf Version 2

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Hi again guys,

I have been a fan of Aoshima's Lamborghini Products for quite some time now, here'a a Lamborghini Countach LP500S Wolf Version 2.

A Superb kit as usual, it was spraypainted with tamiya brilliant blue and tamiya clear.

Let me know what you think and thanks for looking.

Best Regards

Krishna Iskandana









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Very nice Countach. This car is still as edgy and cool as the day it was launched.

How would you say the Tamiya version compare to the Aoshima kit?

I havent got the chance to build the tamiya version, but aoshima has been very progressive in releasing new lamborghini kits in recent years, meanwhile tamiya only reissued the kit and might have been using the same old molding patterns with the one they used when they releasing the kit in late 90's.

If i'm not mistaken the doors of the tamiya version cannot be opened as well.

Thanks again for the comments guys.

Best Regards

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Very nice Countach. This car is still as edgy and cool as the day it was launched.

How would you say the Tamiya version compare to the Aoshima kit?

The Tamiya Countachs are based on old motorized toys, so they are extremely basic low part count curbsides. I guess at this point with all of the "Big 3" Japanese companies having them, Tamiya sees no reason to retool it.

Aoshima's Countach series - there are 6 kits; (2)LP400s, one with P/E, one base kit, a LP500R Japanese Import Model, 5000QV, and Version 1 and 2 of the Walter Wolf car. Of those kits the "Optional Part" LP400 and this Walter Wolf Version 2 are out of production, but still easily found (my LHS has the LP400 as a matter of fact). The series started in 2010 and Aoshima measured, photographed and 3-D scanned the cars directly at the Lamborghini Museum. The 5000QV kit for example is a completely different body, engine and wheel tooling than the LP400 kit that started the series.

If you're a Countach nut, no one has ever made the '79-'81 400S, but if you want a 500(0)S or 25th Anniversary Countach to round out the full line then you have two options from Fujimi. They offer both of them in BOTH Real Sports Car and Enthusiast boxings in the current catalog. The RSC kits are scaled back curbside versions of the monster 250+ part Enthusiast versions and there's usually about a $10-12 lower price for the de-contenting of them.

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Beautiful model. Good color for this car, and the stance looks better than a lot of Countach models I've seen.

I remember the prototype's intro in 1971, and how it made pretty much every other exotic car instantly visually obsolete.

Fascinating to think that both the Countach and its predecessor Miura both came from the pen of the same man, the very gifted Marcello Gandini.

These two cars still rank at the top of my most-desirable list, but I prefer the wingless versions of the Countach.

I don't think any other production car has ever shown quite the originality of this design, except perhaps the Mercedes C-111.

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