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I am new here to the forums and this is my first post. :D

After several years away from building model cars as a kid, I recently decided to jump back into the hobby. I am trying to build one model a month and have so far built two cars and two trucks. I will post the trucks in the pick-up truck section.

This is my first model after many years. It is a box-stock AMT 2006 Chevrolet Camaro Concept. I painted the exterior with Testor's Purple Gloss and the interior with Black Gloss (kit came molded in red). I painted the roof to look like the car had a T-top. This model was built back in March 2014. Overall, this was fun kit to build and I am fairly happy with the way it turned out. Yeah, I know it looks pretty bad but that's alright with me (first model in years)!


This next model is a Revell Dodge Magnum SRT8. The exterior is painted with Testor's Red Gloss and the interior with Red, Silver, and Black Gloss. I personalized this model a bit by painting the fenders, skirts, lower parts of the bumpers, and the tail lights with Black Gloss, which was a pretty big modification for me at the time. This was built in May 2014. I am really happy on how this one turned out.


That is all for now. Hope you all liked them!

Currently working on a not-box-stock AMT 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS (Jack Reacher Issue).


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I too am one that came back to my child hood hobby ...... keep going and you'll be back to what you were as a kid ...... a model builder that is having fun playing with plastic !!!!! tru7st me it's a lot of fun and you are in with a fantastic group of people that like it too ....as for your cars !!!! super builds hope to more from you soon !!!!

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Welcome back and welcome to the forum. I too just got back into the hobby this year. This is really a great community of modelers. There is always someone to help in case you have questions. Your builds are very nice, having fun is the most important part.

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