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What's a Good Source for 1/25th Scale Motorcycles ?

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What's a good source for 1/25th scale motorcycles, vintage or new bikes, dirt bikes, baggers , choppers, road racers? The old Revell 1/25th motorcycles are practically unobtainium price wise there have to be some cool 1/25th scale bikes out there.

Looking for something to display in the back of a pickup or something. I've seen some die cast bikes on eBay but without seeing them in person it's a little hard to know if they are worth the bother or not. There has to be something out there, I'm probably not the only one with this question.

If you've got'em lets see'em!

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Asuka formerly Tasca made a really nice zundapp ks 750 with side car. hard to find but worth it . most of the kits that came with motorcycles are going to be more than the parts pack bikes. the MPC 1932 Chrysler roadster has a nice excelsior Henderson sometimes you can find them cheap. Hallmark makes Harley Davidson ornaments that are 1/25th I'd call them serviceable. revel re released the Datsun pickup with dirtbikes that is not too pricy. shop those Maisto Harleys carefully even though they don't make them some sellers have overinflated what they're worth . they look ok but could use detailing to look really good .

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Replicas and Miniatures of Maryland has the "3 in 1" Triumph Bonneville 650 circa 1962....I did an article on this kit in MCM several years back.

Also, the 2001 Revelll Ford F150 Harley Davidson has a very nice Harley Dyna Super Glide....also did an article on this one 6 or 7 years ago in MCM...r..TIM

PS - Also see my 1/25th scale Motorcycles Portfolio for additional ideas.... http://public.fotki.com/funman1712/tim-boyds-124th--12/boyd-scale-cycles-/


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I'm going to start a custom truck here soon and I thought it would be great to have an old school bobber motorcycle in the bed. Anything available?

I know there was an Revell parts pack cycle. Is it any good?

What about resin?

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If you can find them, Zee/Zykmex made some very decent 1/24 motorcycles back in the late '70s to early '90s. Mostly street bikes, but there was some very nice dirt bikes, too, plus a few bicycles and atvs. I'm not sure who has the tooling now, but their stuff has been repopped a few times since. Their Harley Chopper, basically the Captain America bike from Easy Rider, seems to be the one I've seen reissued the most. They pop up on Ebay from time to time as well, but can get a little spendy.

Also, the Henderson mentioned by Randy, which I think may have actually been in the Gangbusters '32 Chevy rather than the Chrysler, is available in resin from Motor City Resin. I've seen one in person, very nicely done. They also offer a side car to go with it.

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Entex made several bikes. I know they made a Honda 750 Four, plus Suzuki, Kawasaki and Yamaha 750s. They also made a BMW and a Harley Sportster.

I had models of a Harley Sportster and a Norton Commando back in the day. I still have the remains somewhere, but I butchered them as a kid. They might have also been Entex. I have seen one mention of the Harley, but even extensive Googling (Binging?) couldn't find the Norton. I would love to go back in time, walk up to my middle school self and say, "Put those back in the box and leave them alone until you're 50!"



There is a Kawasaki on the 'bay right now, and a lot of three (Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha) at a pretty steep Buy it now price. These are pics I Googled. If anybody has a pic of the Commando, I would really like to see it, just to prove that I am not hallucinating and it really did exist.

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I ran across some of the Zee/Zylmex motorcycles over the weekend at the HMCA show in Indy, they're made by Motor Max now. Saw a Yamaha street bike, the Harley "Captain America" style chopper (green instead of white, same markings, though), and a Kawasaki police bike. I managed to pick up the Kawasaki, the other 2 had sold by the time I got back to the vendors table.

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Ixo/Altaya make the nicest 1/24th motorcycles I've seen. They're diecast with plastic, are VERY good value and come in a clear plastic display box.

Here's a couple I've bought:

OK, just the one photo then, Photobucket being on the blink yet again.

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