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MPC 1/16th "StreetCharger"


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An oldie' but a goodie,,,MPC's 1/16th "Street Charger" Awsome kit to do,,had to modify very few things other than the "minor mods" I had in mind. Was going to clearcoat it,,but it looked kindof neat semi-gloss after a couple coats. Keep up the great stuff out there! IMG_3828_zpsaedc8079.jpgIMG_3814_zps4187c0ad.jpgIMG_3835_zps230f2b5d.jpgIMG_3829_zps6769839f.jpgIMG_3819_zpsfba5ee85.jpg

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Thanks folks,,I posted this in the wrong section,,didnt know there was a section called "Big Boyz",,,its all good. Yes the rear tires look a little out of scale,,but in a good way,,lol. I sized up the dia of both front+back rims+tires from the trike model w/the rims from the stock kit,,and they werent too different,,its got a" Dave Deal" style rear wheel; setup,,oversized a bit. I also cut the front frame work by the radiator,,it used to have a "loop" that went in front of the Rad,,cut that out and squared it,,looks a bit cleaner. All in all,,Its one of my fav kits on the shelf. Enjoy you'alls stuff here also! Cheers!

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